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Bitdefender Mobile Security comes to iOS

Bitdefender iOS Mobile security

Back in the days, when phones weren’t smart we only had to have our computers’ security in mind. Ever since we can access the internet from our handsets, protecting them became important too. This is why the majority of antivirus developers also offer solutions for mobile devices. Bitdefender is the …

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The iOS 10 Update is Causing Some Serious Problems

iOS 10

Once upon a time, no one could expect better software and hardware than the ones coming from Apple and Samsung. This year, however, it seems that both companies managed to disappoint their fans. First, Samsung’s otherwise truly amazing Galaxy Note 7 started exploding without any obvious reasons, and now, Apple’s …

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Apple Is Not Working On An iOS-To-Android Tool

Last week it was being rumored that Apple was working on a tool that would make it possible to switch between iOS and Android, moving data such as contacts, music and photos. Apple apparently agreed to work on such a tool following pressure from European telecom operators. If you’re among …

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Facebook’s 360 videos are now on iOS

360 videos

In September, Facebook launched a new feature, the ability to watch and share 360 videos, that were at the time available only on the web or for Android users. As of November 12 iOS users can also watch this kind of content on their mobile devices, making the 360 videos …

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Firefox for iOS is finally here

Firefox for iOS

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers out there but until now it wasn’t present on any of the iOS devices out there. Now, it finally arrived on iPhones and other iOS running devices, meaning that anyone who wants to have Firefox for iOS on their device …

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