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Sony “Just Ear” Earphones Can Be Pre-ordered For $2,500

You know how every time you buy new headphones, especially if they are the in-ear type, you have troubles fitting them in? Well, now you can have your own, custom made earphones, according to your ear size and audio preferences. Named Just Ear XJE-MH1 and produced by Sony, these innovative pieces can now be ordered in advance for the not-so-affordable sum of $2,500. If you thought that Beats were some overpriced listening devices, it’s time you think again…

They are an in-ear monitor (IEM) type of earphones and since yesterday they can be purchased as a pre-order only. The IEM refers to a kind of listening gear used by musicians, sound engineers, and the like, to listen to their own mixes or live performances. In other words, you’ll be able to set different types of sound quality modes according to your own hearing and taste in this kind of stuff. So, with Sony’s Just Ear headphones you’ll feel much cooler than with Beats, not because of the branding itself but because you’ll have your very own and unique gadgets, truly one of a kind.
So, if you want to impress your friends, though never borrow them your earphones because they probably won’t fit with their type of ears, you can now sign up and preorder the $2,500 model or a cheaper one (“only” $1,700) which won’t be that customizable in terms of sound quality. Not to say that the people who actually dig this kind of audio gadgets are total snobs or overly pretentious, but the MP3s may not even have that good of an audio quality to actually rise to Just Ear’s standards. Anyway, it remains to be seen if this project will actually take off and become available on the markets or it’s bound to be just one of those pilot models that eventually don’t make it through.

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