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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S6 – Battle of displays

The Samsung flagships go head-to-head in the “Battle of displays”, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S6. Perhaps for the first time ever in a Samsung vs Samsung we are looking at metal frames on both devices. These are design choices that you may have already seen in the Galaxy Alpha, but now they are becoming standard for Samsung smartphones.

We start with the Note 4 which is a Samsung phone through-and-through with its leather plastic back which is also removable so you can get to the replaceable battery and the microSD card slot. The signature Samsung layout is up front with the tactile home button and the integrated finger scanner underneath and of course we have the S Pen in the corner. The Galaxy S6 may retain the signature Samsung design elements, but Samsung has certainly moved on in terms of build material. Now favoring that metal frame and glass back combination for premium look and feel in the hand. What you will notice about the middle frame on the Galaxy S6 that its still retains some would taper raised look on the top and bottom corners that were originally introduced in the Galaxy Note 4, which is really nice.

The design choice is not without compromises tho, in the S6 the battery is not replaceable and there is no option for microSD card expension, because the backing is of glass rather than a plastic and it is not removable. This is something that i think many fans are going to miss about the S6. The camera module also tends to stake out quite a bit as well which could be a problem when laying the phone flat on the surface.

The playing field is evened out on the display front with the Note 4 and the Galaxy S6 featuring Super AMOLED displays, as per usual for Samsung devices, but now with Quad HD resolution. The only real difference is being in size, 5.7 inches for the Note 4 and 5.1 inches for the Galaxy S6, but the pixel density’s also differs from 515 to 577 so that’s a bit of a sizable difference. When you look at these two devices side-by-side the differences isn’t actually all that noticeable.


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  1. Dude, spell check! Proof read!

  2. I just purchased a Note Edge to augment the stable of micro SD slot equipped phones which I already own. Not a fan of ‘The Cloud’ and not a fan of paying for my own data while away from WiFi. I would sincerely hope that reason prevails and that Samsung keeps the removable battery and micro SD slot when the Note 5 debuts in six months. Well, one can hope! 😉

  3. Do people get paid to write this kind of stuff?

  4. I think the metal frame is a really good choice but the glass back is quite stupid. I mean really why would they open that old shoebox again after apple tested those shoes looked really fancy and paraded them around broke off all the heels and returned them. Glass on the back does nothing except looking good the first few weeks until it cracks. And for this small appearance boost they got rid of 2key advantages they had: changeable battery and micro sd slot. I am so happy with my note4 and I hope that they realize their mistake by the time I need a new phone in 2-3years.

  5. “is no option for microSD card expension,” – Surely you mean expansion…..

  6. “also tends to stake out quite a bit” – Perhaps that should be Stick out?

  7. The Note 4 is so much better when it comes to display not only in pixel density but in this case size do matter 🙂

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