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Google Classroom: Class on the Go

As Teacher Appreciation Week  comes to a close, it’s time to sit back and celebrate the anniversary of Google Classroom. While teachers kick back and enjoy the laughs, Google has added new features to this successful piece of software. One feature allows teachers to create and edit assignments on any mobile device. They can also make a copy for every one of their students. What if the teacher has the assignment printed? The teacher can take a photo of it, post it on the Classroom page without having to make a Google Doc. Is this the future of the classroom?

There are benefits to the usage of Google Classroom. Teachers can save on passing out the assignments (no need to waste/recycle paper). The material is accessible online (teachers won’t have to worry if they forgot to pass something out). The notes can also be posted on there, so if a student is sick they can get caught up.

Here are some statistics detailing the success of Google Classroom. 70 million assignments have been created. At the same time, the Google Apps for Education have more than 40 million teacher and students users. About 2.3 million users have downloaded Google Classroom,, while Android reports downloads between 500,000 to a million.

In lieu of the anniversary, Zach Yeskel, former teacher and product manager for Google Classroom has one thing in mind. “Our goal is to help give teachers less time copying and more time teaching,” he said to EdSurge. “The reason we built this was because we heard a user need, and we did months of research with teachers and professors. One of the things we learned the most is that teachers used it a lot in class, which was not like a lot of learning management systems. Because we saw it being used in class, we knew we had to make it work instantaneously–mobile, mobile, mobile.”

Google Classroom is a valuable tool. Teachers will find multiple ways to use this app to benefit their lesson plans. If there are any teachers, comment below on what you think of Google Classroom. Do you think it’s better for your classroom?

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