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Will Windows 10 be the last version number?

Jerry Nixon, Microsoft developer guru, made an interesting announcement in Chicago, last week. He was present at a conference for the Ignite company and he declared that Windows 10 will be the last Windows version. He said that they are still working on Windows 10, because it is the last Windows version and it will soon be released. But Windows will not disappear, no chance. It will be a major change in Microsoft’s Windows marketing politics and not more.

Windows 10 is going to become a service that will deliver to the customer added value, under the form of innovations, updates and upgrades. This is going to be an ongoing manner that will probably satisfy all customer’s needs. We don’t know now anything related to the prices, but that is another story to be told. As a marketing and PR measure, we think this is a great way to improve things. To provide customers patches and updates on a 24 hours/7 days basis will be a real business success. Users and customers will surely appreciate. Windows had many attacks to images and this is practically a response for those who always blamed Windows and Microsoft for something real or invented.

It is not yet clear 100% that this Windows 10 version number will remain for ever, because Microsoft has a history of name changes, some of them very unpopular. But they promised that this version will insure continuous updates and it will empower all kinds of device, PC’s, mobiles, tablets, Xbox and so on. This is the real progress and this shows that Windows has reached a point of maturity on the OS software market. The rivals should take notes and create strategies for offering better offers to users of all electronic gadgets and devices. The competition will still continue for years to come.

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