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10-Core Smartphones?

It’s amazing how fast technology evolves in the smartphone market. MediaTek has paved the way for the future of smartphones and tablets. Instead of making a brand new octa-core device, the company has unveiled a phone that will come with a 10-core chip: the Helio X20. While they have not been advertised as a performance boost, the cores were designed to save power.

Ida Torres, of the Android Community, explained that the deca-core “is basically like having an extra gear in your car when you will have the possibility of crossing more difficult terrain soon.” Despite having this “extra gear,” it’s a significant push into the smartphone market. Customers will most likely begin seeing phones that will have extended battery life (some phones already have powerful batteries).

ZDNet reported that Jeffrey Ju, Senior Vice President of MediaTek said “By leading with mobile CPU architecture and multimedia innovation, MediaTek continues to push the envelope of power efficiency and peak performance. We are excited to see device manufacturers raise the bar – in camera, display, audio and other consumer features.”

“MediaTek has been adding innovative multimedia features to our platforms since the very beginning,” Ju continued to say, “enhancing the overall computing and multimedia experience as part of our strategy to put leading technology into the hands of everyone.”

Ju is right in saying that MediaTek is leading in innovation. At the same time, customers are going to have to wait until 2016. So right now, what we’re seeing here are promises, as there is much to be seen of the deca-core. Prices also haven’t been listed, hopefully they won’t be too high. Is it too soon to have this sort of tech in phones? Already, some of the best tablets utilize an octa-core. What are your thoughts on the deca-core? Do you think it is worth buying?

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