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Angry Planes – a great mode for GTA 5

We finally see on the games market the famous Grand Theft Auto 5 from the well known serie, with its surprising and spectacular Angry planes mode. This game has delayed its launch for 2 years, compared to consoles. But the wait seems to be very worth it. The graphics is much more improved and very well optimized. Another good and new thing is that GTA 5 gamers will now be able to apply modes. These will ensure new and surprising directions of one improved and extended game experience.

The game environment is an open world type and can be best exploited by using the Angry Planes mode. By a simple F5 button push, a whole armada of planes comes upon your car, bombing it with their weapons and overflying from small distance. The sensation is extraordinary, because the player really feels he is attacked by a planes squadron that wants to destroy him. Angry Planes is an addon that has no other use than that for the fun. Fun is well guaranteed and everything is changing into a very real virtual plane hunting. You are the hunted and the chased one and the hunters and the chasers are the planes. They come over you from all the directions and escape chances for you seem to be close to zero. You have to be a Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger to escape and to destroy those flying enemies.

The very popular Angry Planes mode is only suited for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 and it is available for a free download. So, make you will not miss this fun mode, although it is free it’s certainly worth it. GTA 5 is all about fun and adrenaline. Enjoy and keep your eyes prepared to the F5 GTA burning sky!

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