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Galaxy Tab S2: The iPad Killer

It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but details of Samsung’s next tablets have been leaked. If everything is true, then the rumors point to a June launch. So far, there will be two tablets going under the name Galaxy Tab S2. It’s unclear whether the tablets will have a 8-inch screen, or a 9.7-inch screen, but they will be 5.4mm thick. That’s slimmer than other tablets.

How did this come about? According to Tech News Today, they reported, “In a documented application in reference to the Hancom Office Show 2014, the company revealed either by mistake or intentionally details about the new tablet it will be rolling out to the market.”

What other features may be included in this tablet? The resolution is expected to be 2048 x 1536 along with 3 GB of RAM. There was also talk that the micro SD slot would be removed. This has started to become a new trend, and Samsung has even removed it from it’s Galaxy S6. More and more companies seem to be doing away with this particular slot.

Business Insider has a rendered image of what the tablet may look like. Judging from the picture, the tablet is slim, and almost resembles an iPad. Speaking of which, Apple seems to be losing the tablet war as it’s competitors are coming out with cheaper variants of their product. This Galaxy Tab S2 may further push their lead over Apple.

While it is great to hear about a new tablet, this information has yet to be confirmed. Even if Samsung “accidentally” leaked the documents, they haven’t officially announced this product. And last year, they released the Galaxy Tab S (which did considerably well). Definitely check in from time to time, as further updates on this are expected soon. But what are your thoughts on the leak? Should this information be trusted?

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