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WhatsApp Material Design New Interface

WhatsApp for Android moved on a new Interface called Material Design. WhatsApp Material Design spent only one month in Beta and it is now present in the Play store. The application brings to life new features and functionality, as we will try to show them to you in the next few lines.

WhatsApp has now moved to the version number 2.12.84. The new Material Design interface has improved a lot and it has a cleaner aspect. Its colors and graphics are much similar to Android 5.0 . Android 5.0 is the last Android version that Google offers.

New WhatsApp version includes a new set of icons, a transparent collapsible status bar that has a unified design and a set of images that we can associate to the contacts from our agenda. There is also a new set of animations which are showed when we want to attach files or to receive new messages.

Things do not change when it comes to functionality. This way, people who got used to the old design should meet no obstacle when passing to the new Material Design Interface. WhatsApp can be downloaded and used for free from the Play Store and after one year you will have to get a subscription of 0.99 dollars per year. This app is practically free, the sum of money is symbolical, another reason that this is a very good app and that all the Android users should have it and use it. Personally, I think this app is really worth it and the real value is much bigger than 1 simple dollar per year.


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