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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4: A Unique Tablet?

With the anniversary of the Surface Pro 3 coming up, it seems fitting that an announcement for the Surface Pro 4 would be made. While details are lacking on the device, multiple websites are calling it a “powerful hybrid.”  And with the Surface Pro 4 in production, it’s pretty clear that Microsoft is going to target Apple’s latest product, the iPad Pro.

The Surface Pro 4 is surprisingly supposed to be fanless. It would also have an 8 MP rear camera, 1080p video recording, and a longer battery life. Rumor has that it would also appeal to gamers.

And there are also rumors concerning the specs of iPad Pro. The website Expert Reviews says that the hardware the iPad Pro ships out with will be similar to that of the iPad Air 2. Customers might see a 4K resolution, a 12.9 inch screen, and rumor has it that USB ports may even be added to the device.

Despite these rumors, website Cross Map, recently wrote a report comparing the two devices based on the information given. Concerning the prices of the two products, Apple’s iPad Pro may cost more than the iPad Air 2 while the Surface Pro 4 is suppose to be a little cheaper than it’s predecessors. When it came to their operating systems, the iPad Pro would be arriving with iOS 8, whereas the Surface Pro would have Windows 10.

Now, the website Gun Shy Assassin, points out that the Surface Pro 4 raises the standards of the tablet. According to them, “Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 could ensure that future tablets come with Intel Core processors and large amounts of RAM. From there, full operating systems and hybrid capabilities would become standard. Today’s premium tablets will be tomorrow’s low-end, entry-level tablets, thanks to the Surface Pro 4’s release.” The author bases this off the success of the Surface Pro 3 where the Surface Pro 3 changed the way tablets operated, especially when it could fully run Windows 8.

If the specs are true, and the information stays as it is, will the Surface Pro 4 kill the iPad? What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below.

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