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Adblock Browser for Android devices has been officially launched

Adblock Plus is a famous app for PC browsers, it is a tool that blocks the ads to be displayed in the accessed web pages. Adblock Browser is the variant for the Android gadgets, and it is based on the same technologies like its PC’s version correspondent. It efficiently blocks all the ads from the pages users access and this way the smartphones do not get infected with adware. This actually decreases data traffic from the mobile phone network.

By eliminating the ads, Adblock Browser increases the loading speed of web pages from the smartphone and it also improves the battery autonomy. This way, the Android phone has less data to process.

But this Adblock browser is a very intelligent app. It recognizes the importance of the ads for many websites which could not exist otherwise in the web world. So they have an option for users which is called Acceptable Ads from the Settings menu. If users check it, they will still receive acceptable ads but they will stop receiving the most annoying and offensive ones.

If Adblock Plus for Pc’s is delivered as an extension for a web browser, Adblock Browser for Android is a completely functional web browser, which is an alternative for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other popular web browsers. Adblock Browser will be available as a free download from the Play Store, so it’s worth trying it. It is a very customizable Adblock tool, everything integrated under a browser that promises speed web pages loading time with no more unwanted ads. And besides all, it’s free. Chrome, Firefox, beware, the competition is now better than ever!

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