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Samsung Wireless Headphones That Cancel Noise

In light of recent events, Samsung is on a roll with releasing new products and rumored tablets. Their new Level On Wireless headphones, despite being wireless, can cancel out noise.

Good, inexpensive headphones are hard to come by these days. You could grab the cheap $20 ones and still not be satisfied with the quality of sound. However, Samsung decided that to achieve good sound, you’ll have to reach into your pockets for a little extra crash. The Level On wireless headphones are $249, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your music or your movies.

The headphones don’t have anything complicated about them. There is an ON/OFF switch that allows the headphones to turn on and even activate the noise canceling.

What’s cool is that the outside of the right ear cup is a touch pad. You use the touch-pad to adjust the volume on the headphones. By swiping up or down, you can increase or decrease the volume. By swiping forward, or backward, you can skip through your music.

Now comes the topic of battery life. Expect to get 23 hours of Bluetooth listening or even 20 hours of listening to your favorite tunes. If you use the active noise canceling, you’ll get about 11 hours of music.

The Star Tribune talked about the benefits of these wireless headphones. They wrote, “An added benefit is the ability to make and receive phone calls, both wired or wirelessly. The sound you hear is quite clear, but unfortunately the Level On’s built-in microphone doesn’t extend toward your mouth.”

It’s certainly something you don’t see every day. We’ve come a long way for us to start using touch pads on the side of headphones. And noise cancelling seems to be in popular demand for headphones (I know Bose has a few lying around). Do you plan on grabbing a set for yourself? Do you think it’s worth that much?

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