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Asus has prepared a new series of ZenPad tablets

ASUS entered the tablets market with a brand new product called ZenPad. The company has already presented the first smartphone with 4 GB of RAM. They will make ZenPad official launch at Computex Taiwan, at the beginning of June.

We have already heard on the web some some news about the technical features and we will talk a little about them. According to the information we found on the web, screen aspect is 4:3 and we have a diagonal of possible 8.9 inch. Front speakers are also visible, along with a plastic case and maybe one of the leather and a rear camera. We think these sport dual front facing speakers will be stereo, because the quality of the sound is very important and Asus knows it very well.

As for the platform they might opt for Intel. As we have already learned from ASUS, it might probably be an Intel Z3560 or Z3530 SoC with 2 GB of RAM. As a storage space we could choose between 8 to 64 GB. ZenPad tablets may come in several diagonals of 7 inch, 8.9 inch or even larger.

Asus continues to surprise us in a pleasant way, investing in new products and gadgets. They promise to bring us some good news in the near future and ZenPad is one of these. Zen Pad could be available on the markets in July, this year. It will most probably run Android Lollipop. The prices will not be that expensive and they will start from around 160 dollars, the most basic version. Anyway, it’s worth to keep our eyes opened to this event, because Asus does do quality products and ZenPad will try to prove this more than ever.

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