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Periscope for Android was finally released

Periscope was released as a version for Android

Periscope is an application that lets you watch live stream sessions and submit your own videos to users worldwide. The app is now also available as an Android version.

The application retains all the functions available for iOS, such as the support for saving live stream sessions for later viewing and the option for live stream private sessions.

Specific for the Android version of Periscope is that it can send alerts when one of your friends that are subscribed to our channel is detected online or when he distributed a transmission or when other users subscribed to his channel.

Broadcasts can be saved without the need to upload a file, thus saving the internet connection. In addition, if while watching a broadcast a text message or a phone call are received, the application displays a button for the resumption of transmission directly in the notification bar.

Compared to iOS version, Periscope application for Android comes with an interface adapted to Material Design concept, supporting swipe commands to switch between open tabs. Available for free in Play Store, Periscope application can be installed only on devices using Android version 4.4 or higher.

We are glad to see Periscope did this move to Android, the most popular mobile OS. Video communication in real time is now more and more improved on the mobile devices as they were never before. This will bring closer people that use Android mobile phones and they will be able to watch and share live stream sessions. Who could have anticipated this great software evolution for mobiles? Maybe a few enthusiasts. Our world is changing more and more. So we need to be sure we buy the best phones with all the multi media necessary features. Periscope is an application you should definitely have it installed onto your mobile.

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