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iPhone 7 Has a New Camera?

Towards the end of this year, Apple will be releasing a new iPhone. Whether it’s the improve iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7 remains to be seen. Rumors are rampant all over the Internet and if they’re true, Apple has plans of improving it’s iPhone product in the form of a better camera.

According to the website BGR, they noted that some of the rumors include Apple releasing three new versions of the iPhone 6s. Their dimensions include including 4-inch, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. Any sign of the iPhone 7? BGR would go on to say that, “sources familiar with Apple’s plans repeatedly said that Apple will only release iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus successors in 2015.”

While a release date isn’t confirmed for the iPhone 7, many are speculating it’s specs. The website Christian Today noted that, “It is believed that the iPhone 7 will come armed with a 12MP camera.” At the same time, it would note that, “This will be a big jump from the current 8MP shooter that the iPhone 6 carries.”

As great as that sounds, there are several troubling things regarding the new 12 megapixel camera. With the camera, there is the issue that the megapixels will be large, and at the same time smaller. Christian Today would say that “this may eventually result in poorly captured images particularly in low-lit areas.”

However, it is believed that Apple could avoid this problem. Recently, they acquired the company LinX. They specialize in camera modules that result in better pictures. By implementing their tech into the iPhone 7 camera, then customers won’t have to worry about poorly captured images.

The website Ecumenical News published an article regarding the rumors they heard. According to them, “it was also rumored that the iPhone 7 camera would sport a similar iSight sensor unit featured in the iPhone 6, along with a small format telephoto camera, allowing users to capture better photos by analyzing parameters, such as depth and range, thus making it better than singular sensors.”

It’s great to hear that the iPhone 7’s camera will be it’s only highlight. If people are looking for a good camera, on a smartphone specifically, then they should look into the ASUS ZenFone Selfie. What are your thoughts concerning this particular rumor of the iPhone 7?

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