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Apple iOS 9 Leaked?

Apparently, Apple‘s  iOS 9 has been “leaked.” By “leaked,” a couple of features have been listed off. It’s enough to grab your attention, but doesn’t capture the full spectrum of what the iOS 9 is capable of.

The website Forbes mentioned several of the confirmed features. They includes the Force Touch, Proactive, and the Apple Home. Now, the Force Touch is described as a “pressure sensitive response” that when a firmer touch is made, new options pop up. That can be camera, video, even easier navigation. Proactive is going to “contextually aware information” after having access to your Contacts, Calendar, Siri, and other third-party apps. Lastly, Apple Home is going to unite all of Apple’s HomeKit devices.

With these features Forbes believes that the, “iOS is now every bit as mature and, in many ways, more important than OS X and is the bedrock for Apple’s next wave of endeavors.”

The website CNET discussed how they hope iOS 9 would allow an easier transition of third-party keyboards. In iOS 8 they noted that when that option was available it didn’t work as well as they wanted it to. According to them, “if Apple has a way to make using these keyboards easier in iOS 9, it would make it much easier to send messages faster. I still dream of using SwiftKey all the time like my Android-using friends do, but until it’s a smoother experience, I’ll stick with the default keyboard.

The website Gizmodo talked about how they wish iOS 9 would allow them to delete some of Apple’s “stock” apps such as the Apple Watch . However, they reported that, “Unfortunately, it seems pretty unlikely that Apple will give us the power to delete its stock apps” because, well, it’s Apple. The wesbite also has a list of what customers want to see in the iOS 9. Some of them range from  prioritizing their wireless networks to turning off the auto music playback when connecting your Apple device to the car stereo.

While some of the iOS 9 features have been leaked, it is unknown if Apple is going to reveal more of what’s already known. If some of the ideas that Gizmodo and CNET voiced were taken into action, that would be great. What are your thoughts on the iOS 9?

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