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HTC One E9 Spotted Online

HTC has unveiled it’s latest phone online. Dubbed the E9, the phone follows the traditional practice of HTC by being specifically released in Asia.

The website NDTV Gadgets noted that the E9 is the affordable version of the E9+, with “toned down innards.” For those who aren’t familiar with the E9+, it was one of HTC’s high-end smartphones that was released specifically in China.

Let’s remind ourselves the specs for the E9+. It possessed a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of  1440 x 2560 pixels.  The phone has a MediaTek MT6795M 64-bit octa-core processor that runs at 2 GHz. It also has 3 gigabytes of RAM. While it has 16 gigabytes of storage , it does come with a  micro SD card slot for up to 128 gigabytes of space.

The One E9, on the other hand has 5.5-inch 720p HDAMOLED screen. It runs on a 1.5GHz octa-core processor, while coming with the  Android 5.0.2 update. The phone also has 2 gigabytes of RAM. Coming with just 16 gigabytes of memory, it too can be expanded with a micro SD card slot. If that doesn’t satisfy you, it has a 13 megapixel primary camera.

The website Android OS made an interesting remark concerning the development of this phone. They noted that HTC appeared to be “Following the footsteps of Samsung,” as they have, “decided to release unlimited number of One-series smartphones.”

Did this strategy pay off to HTC? As we’ve seen with the HTC “Hero,” the company isn’t faring well in the smartphone market. It’ll be interesting to see what the sales will be for this device.

Now, it’s disappointing that this phone won’t reach the US or Europe. And that will continue to been an issue for HTC. While they may be able to make some sales in Asia, they’re shooting themselves in the foot if they can’t reach the Western smartphone market.


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