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A Release Date Hinted for Google’s Nexus 5 2015

As we’re heading into solid leak and rumor territory for the upcoming 2015 edition of the Nexus 5, we’re beginning to see more and more signs of a release window. Google hasn’t made anything official yet, but inside sources are starting to spill the beans, as is usually the case with sought-out smartphones such as this one.There have been reports concerning the companies that Google has tasked with manufacturing the phone. Right now, it seems it’s in the hands of LG and Huawei and they are working on two different versions of the 2015 Nexus phone. As for the release date, based on the most recent leak, expect either an October or November 2015 release.

Now, in an article by Concept Phones, the author discussed the rumored 2015 Nexus 5 specs. The new phone will have a 5.5 inch Quad HD AMOLED screen with 4 gigabytes of RAM that is run by a Snapdragon 820 processor. Included in that is a heart rate sensor, along with a removable 4,000 mAh battery. There will be a 13 megapixel front camera, with a 20 megapixel rear camera. A microSD slot will be available that could up to 1 terabyte of supported storage. As for internal memory, expect 64 or 128 gigabytes.

Concerning the removable battery, an article published by Yibada discussed the impact of the new battery on the phone’s autonomy, with the new battery being capable of delivering up to 533 hours of standy-by function. Ecumenical News has also added on to the features that customers will supposedly receive. They reported that “The Nexus 5 (2015) is expected to pack all the features included by Google in its latest mobile operating system, Android M, such as fingerprint sensors for unlocking the device and logging into apps and online services, as well as fast-charging USB-C ports to significantly decrease battery charging times.”

TGC will definitely keep you updated as we sit and wait for more leaks. Sound off in the comment section below and share your thoughts about what you’d like to see in the 2015 version of the Nexus 5.

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  1. “Release Date Announced”? Ha ha, fuck you.

  2. There is no way those specs are even close to right. The Snapdragon 820 isn’t even close to release and while a 4,000mAh battery on a QHD screen would be good it will never happen.

  3. Wow, this sounds awesome… And, too good to be true…so, it probably is not true. Will it come with a USB-C connection, too?

  4. Anyone else get here from Google Now? I wish we could tell Google not to show us these shit articles.

  5. I read the article on concept-phones about the new Nexus, and I must say i am way more than PLEASED with the SPECS and the look of the concept device. I hope Google and their OEM partner LG will cook up something similar or close to it as possible. Hopefully the other rumored Nexus phone/Phablet will be just as appealing and well specced and both of them priced reasonably.

  6. After the epic fail with the fragile nexus 6, I dont think i will ever invest in a google product again.

  7. What a bullshit …
    LG can not make nexus device with AMOLED… they do IPS panels for mobile. And google can not add SDSlot as they are against it. And not because of the cost.
    Need to mark this site as irrelevant

  8. The Good the Bad and the Ugly

    This sounds really great – let’s hope they do include the removable battery and microSD card. It is about time Google stopped flying in the face of reality – along with all of the other manufacturers – and started seriously thinking about customer convenience and the added value of having a device that will enable you to keep using it after the battery dies and/or begins to wane – as they all do after about 500 recharges. Vance Packard way back in the 1950’s wrote a book called The Waste Makers; a big part of it focused on the fact that manufacturers then – and still now including Apple, Samsung and Google – find it easier (and more profitable) to produce devices that they know have a safe, predicable life expectancy because they are designed either deliberately (or by stupidity and thus default) to die a timely death and force us to purchase a new one.

  9. You know how I know the author is full of shit??? Removable battery and an SD card. Google has been adimate about letting the world know NO nexus will ever have these again. Also, an Oct or Nov release??? Seriously???

    Breaking news!!!! The 2016, ’17 & ’18 nexus devices’ release dates have leaked….probably Oct or Nov of their respective years.

    Fuck you, clickbait douchebag

    Also, the author looks like a Junior High student…yeah…let’s all listen to this dumbass…. -.-

  10. Well never going on this site, stupid click bait.

  11. This is ridiculous. There’s no way this thing would have that much internal storage, there’s no need for it. Everything is moving toward online and cloud based storage/services and they’ve been working on phasing out local memory for years. I have a 16GB Nexus 5 and never once have I come close to filling it up. The only thing I need the space for is app downloads and the camera.

    Also, 4GB of RAM does sound nice, but that coupled with that stellar processor, a Micro SD (again, and unnecessary legacy option), and that insane amount of expensive local storagestorage, this thing would cost a fortune.

    Simple rumors and wishful thinking. But let’s be realistic:P

  12. This dude is kidding right

  13. feel the specs are exaggerated

  14. Well instead of being pedantic I’m going to be excited! Really early articles are always value and info changes regularly. October/November would be great timing for me but even if it just came by the end of the year I’d be ok with that. I agree with some that expandable storage and removable battery seems unlikely as a lot of makers seems to be moving away from that, not just the Nexus line. That said I would totally appreciate expandable storage but I don’t really need it anymore between Spotify and Google Photos. It would be nice for easy transfer of files off of the device though. If I had a choice I’d take the removable battery since that’s a nice convenience. Although the Nexus 5 battery is fairly easy removable in my opinion. The back takes a bit of prying but as long as you have the right tools it’s not bad. Aside from that it’s just one simple cable to pop off and then easing the battery off of the adhesive 🙂

    Anyways, all said, sounds like some possibly exciting specs and it will be cool to experience Android M. I hope to have that rolled out to my Nexus 5 soon. I still think this is one of the best devices out despite it’s age. It just works so well and is such a solid device, at least for me.

  15. AHAHAHAHA snapdragon 820? 4gb of RAM? Wuad HD AMOLED? 1tb of micro SD expansion?
    Release date: 2017

  16. i was reading this going bananas, but the saying is if it looks too good to be true it probably is. i really dont think these specs are even possible, a 13 mp front facing and 20 mp rear cam? also how are they gonna fit that massive battery in there? this would be a dream come true but sadly its probably just a dream, this would literally blow any device to date out of the water.

  17. Newsflash: The same time they release every year

  18. Please PLEASE bring back the removable battery.

  19. I really wish people would stop quoting the specs of concept devices as though they have any relevance to the actual product!

  20. Clickbait indeed. microSD card? Really?

  21. I’d take the nexus with an 820 with lg setup for 13 to 16 mp camera and paid 600 easy but rumors lets take everything will h a pile of salt because lg would put there out the lgg4 unless it doesn’t come out till Nov, but lg will have the gpro phablet rumored to have 820/, and Samsung was supposed to give help in that department I thought but either way the next or gpo with my s6 well be the first time to run to phones ,ethier the gpro with 820 or another 5.2/5.5 inch phone with 820 eighther way will have one lg device by Christmas, love my s6 but if the rumors turn out to be true merry Christmas too all

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