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You Can Finally Run Android Apps on Mac

Are you a Mac user? Do you wish you had access to Android’s apps? Look no further, because Android emulator BlueStacks has finally made their software available for Mac users. Prior to this release, this software was strictly available for Windows (so far, the company has confirmed over 90 million Windows users).

So a little about BlueStacks’ software. Aside from it being an emulator, they offer support for Android TV app and give users the ability to shares files between desktops and mobile devices via syncing. For Mac users, they included track and Retina display support along with native graphic support. They also have investors from notable companies like Intel, Qualcomm, and even AMD.

How does it work? It’s simple: you download the apps from Google Play in the same way you would download them onto Android devices.

In a statement published by 9to5Mac,  BlueStacks Principal Software Architect David Reese believes that he’s seizing a great opportunity. He said, “Mac OS is a top notch platform and we worked hard to take advantage of everything it has to offer. From pinch to zoom on the trackpad to its retina display we optimized for everything.”

However, Liliputting has noted an issue. Even though you’re able to run these “smartphone and tablet-style apps and games on an Apple laptop or desktop,” you won’t be running on an iOS version. Instead, you’ll be downloading the Android versions. Despite that, this still “lets Mac users access thousands of apps and games that are available from the Google Play Store, including Android versions of many popular iOS apps.”

Now, is it possible that we’ll see a similar success with Apple users? The software is very popular with Windows users, so it would make sense to see the same popularity from the Mac community. What are your thoughts on this? Any Mac users excited?

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