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The Evolving Path That Smartphones Are Headed Towards (Something to Think About)

2015. In a world of ever-evolving communication, what a year to experience. We have smartphones that can take the perfect picture, act as a powerful, mobile source of information, and even bring us closer together with our loved ones.

And as the days roll on, they continue to get better. It’s only a matter of time before they reach the pinnacle of their popularity. And only then, will something new take over.

But back to smartphones.

Companies are doing whatever they can to have the clearest displays. Apple has it’s high-resolution Retina screen, while companies like Samsung are pushing for a 4K display. At any rate, it’s bound to happen soon. Google seems to have an idea of what the mobile market might hold in store for 4K especially with Android M.

At the same time, processors have been designed to be ridiculously fast. Anything that runs Snapdragon, and even Apple’s A7 or A8 processor, guarantees that your device will be up to speed. At some point, these processors will reach their limit.

In terms of security, we have seen devices with thumb print scanners, and iris identification. Your phone will be able recognize your fingerprint and your eyes, as a means of access. Some companies have even implemented a “Guest” option so that they won’t be able to peruse any personal photos or texts.

Now, this leads us to terms of vulnerability; smartphones aren’t as secure as they were before. Something as simple as keyboard software can easily leave open to a hack. In seconds, your personal info can be stolen.

And we can’t forget about the “personal assistants” that assist us in any way possible. Programs like Cortana or Siri, are bound to be designed with more advance capabilities (probably be given their own personalities, you never know).

It’ll be interesting to see what 2016 will have to offer smartphone users, or 2017, or any other year. What are your thoughts on the future of smartphones? Let me know in the comments below.

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