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Microsoft Edge: A Replacement for Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer may finally find itself being left behind as Microsoft’s new web browser, Edge, plans on changing how users research (or share) information. Although it was known as “Project Spartan,” Microsoft fans will be delighted at what the new browser has to offer (and it’s nice abundance of features).

A couple of things to note. One, Microsoft has replaced Silverlight with HTML 5. However, if users have compatibility issues, Internet Explorer 11 will be available. But, you might have to go digging for it as the company is trying to put this browser behind them.

According to the Strait TimesMicrosoft Edge was able to best Google Chrome in two out of three benchmark tests. The website would report that, “In Kraken and SunSpider benchmarks, Edge was faster than Chrome. However, Chrome won in Google’s Octane benchmark.” While the details of the benchmark were not published, it’s a little hard to accept that Edge might be faster than Chrome (but we can all agree that it’ll be faster than Internet Explorer).

There’s a pretty neat feature to point out about Edge, and that’s it’s “minimalist interface.” When you go to right click on the search bar, four options pop up: open in new tab, open in new window, copy link, inspect element. It makes things significantly simple. Gone is the sharing and bookmark links option.

A couple other things to mention: INKING, READING MODE, and the NEW TAB PAGE. With Inking, users can annotate a webpage using the the Microsoft paintbrush tool and then share it with their friends. With Reading Mode, expect to read pages in peace without the hassle of advertisements. And the new page has been updated to include popular websites and stories published by popular websites.

It’s amazing to see Microsoft replace Internet Explorer with their own unique web browser. They relied on Internet Explorer for way too many years (and many Microsoft users would find themselves shifting over to Google Chrome as their default browser). What are your thoughts on Edge? Let me know in the comments below.

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