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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Galaxy Note 5: Big Changes?

Samsung has caught the attention of the Internet with it’s Galaxy Note 5. While it’s Galaxy Note 4 was popular among the phablet community, some are curious as to what the Galaxy Note 5 will change. Thanks to the leaked images and specs, we have a better idea of what to expect from the newest phablet. However, some of the features are still rumored and hopefully the company will dissipate some of them with it’s announcement (expected around August). But, let’s take a look at what’s been provided and compare the Note 5 against it’s predecessor, the Galaxy Note 4.

When it comes to the build and design of the two phablets, there’s a small distinct difference. Leaked images have shown the public that the Galaxy Note 5 will have a metal and glass which is a little more “premium” than the metal and plastic build of the Note 4. But what really separates them apart from each other, is that the Galaxy Note 5 will have a non-removable battery.

Dimensions is a little tricky. Several sites are reporting that the Galaxy Note 5 will be 7.1 mm thick, which is a tad bit smaller than the 8.5 mm thickness of the Note 4.

It’s possible that the Galaxy Note 5 will have the same 5.7 in screen as the Galaxy Note 4. Whereas the Note 4 has Super AMOLED, the Note 5 might have Quad HD.

It was also recently confirmed that the Note 5 wouldn’t be using a Qualcomm chipset, and would instead be outfitted with the Exynos 7 octa-core (with 4 gigabytes of RAM), so expect enhanced performance. The 4 gigabytes of RAM is an upgrade from the Note 4’s 3 gigabytes of RAM, but both are outfitted with microSD slots, so you can expand your storage.

Software is interesting as the Note 5 is expected to be outfitted with the Android Lollipop 5.1.1 whereas the Note 4 currently goes up to the 5.0.1 Lollipop update.

The primary camera on the Note 5 is rumored to be 16 megapixels with a 5 megapixel secondary, which is almost the same as the Note 4, except the Note 4 has a 3.7 megapixel secondary. It’s most likely we’ll see optical stabilization in the Note 5.

The battery on the Note 5 is rumored to be 4,000 mAh which is a considerable upgrade from the 3,220 mAh battery on the Note 4 (that has about 90 hours of life).

One of the more notable features of the Note 5 is that it’s possible we’ll be seeing the new S pen.

What do you think? The Note 4 was well received by the Android community, so expectations are very high for the Note 5. Concerning some of it’s features, TGC is intrigued to see if some of the rumors are true. Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. If the battery is non removable I will not buy it. They are making a big mistake if they do that. I and many other power users like me carry extra batteries to swap. If I can’t do that then I won’t be buying a samsung

  2. If you’re carrying around batteries to supplement your over-reliance on one piece of gear then you’re doing it wrong imo

    • Nick- the average life span of a cell phone battery is 12 to 18 months. When they go bad in most new phones they are not fixable forcing consumers to pay for new phones instead of ordering a replacement battery off of ebay for $20. While you may like to have new phone every year some people like to recycle or even keep phone for longer periods. I myself like to have a extra battery for camping. The only people who benefit from ALL phones having non user replaceable batteries are the people selling phones. And I doubt you are saying that you support big business giving the customer less options and charging more…

      • I smell what you’re stepping in @justsaying. If you’re so reliant on one device that you can burn through the ~2500mah (don’t remember exact number, cbf to google) before you can make it to a charger, then you might want to invest the ~$50 to get a new battery and replace it (ifixit guide ~20 minutes) or disable a few features that you can manage to suffer without. The statement just reminded me of the sony discman I used to carry around, my car didn’t have a cd player but I suffered so I didn’t have to carry some AA batteries in my pocket. Pick your poison, I’ll be around.

        Edit: I don’t know, forgot an entire sentence, somehow.


      I’m keeping the note 4 ….Its Complete 100% it took them 4 years to design that phone and it is a world phone the beast… All this 5 is…. Another test money con phone same as the one touch feriece Alcaltel android phone battery non removable and the phone was crap… You want a phone where you can remove the battery so you can reset the phone from the data tower… All the 5 was a money grab and to beat you out of your money with a generic product that’s a generic from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is complete and a 5 star rating★★★★★

    • You have to be a real power user to understand his dilema. It is an advantage over having to carry a powerpack or charging plug.

      • I don’t see how carrying a pocketful of batteries makes you a power user, I have a charger in my office that my phone is on, a charger in my car, and a handful in my house. I see it as a problem of proactivity v. reactivity.

        • The needs vary from 1 user to another, not everyone has it the way you do.
          No need to carry a pack full of batteries in ur pocket, 1 is usually enough, is less bulky then a powerbank or a charger.
          A power user is normally someone thst is constantly on their cells, using it for different things through out their day, and because of their extended use, their batteries don’t last as advertised by the manufacturer. Not everyone works on an office or drives to work, take that into acount. I have seen a lot of ppl carrying around powerbanks, others resort to power cases.
          If yoy dont need it, more power to you, but not everyone is in your shoes.

  3. Don’t buy the note series…Samsung is worst in giving updates for their note series… Am using Note 4

  4. I could’ve swore that the Note 4 came with a Quad HD Super Amoled screen.

  5. I love my note 4 edge but I hate all the bloatware samsung is using. And sprint is blasting ads through voicemail and like 15 sprint bloat apps. Anyway they need to get this knox shit out of here if im ever buying another device from them. They wanna void me for having firmware that lets me actually govern MY $900.00 phone? Get your shit together samsung.

  6. I hate the idea with the non-removable battery, like come on ppl. Batteries are the fastest thing to wear out in time.

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