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The LG118 is a smart watch, and a phone

When there are so many wearables to choose from, it is hard to quickly make a decision and acquire a smart watch that is suitable for our needs. Which is one of the reasons why technophiles and wearable enthusiasts should consider all of their options when searching for a new gadget, and the LG118 smart watch is a good option that can be included in a wishlist. The LG118 fulfills the purposes of a smart watch and those of a smartphone, thus becoming a versatile gadget that is fit for tech enthusiasts who want to make their lives and relationships with technology a bit easier.

The LG118 smart watch can easily change your daily habits, as would any smart watch that can work on its own, untethered to a smartphone. Tethered smart watches like the Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch, Huawei Watch and Apple Watch come with problems of their own and they are a bit too pricey for someone who is just getting started with wearable technology and is unsure whether in the end it will be useful, or just a fad. Investing in a smart watch like the LG118, which costs only $35 on GearBest is a great way to feel around the industry and figure out whether a smart watch can actually make your life easier or not. At the end of your trial period, you will be glad about your purchase, whether you like it or not.

LG118 Smartwatch phone


The LG118 smart watch is a $35 wearable that is made to be able to cope with every task a tech enthusiast has to do when on the road. Mobility and portability are its main characteristics, and the LG118 watch handles many things, all at once, at the expensive of a rather bulky design and one-day battery life. Nonetheless, for a first-time user, the LG118 can be a great starting point.

The watch comes with all the necessary functions that complete a wearable, such as a pedometer, Bluetooth, sleep monitoring, a SIM card slot, a 240*240 resolution 1.54-inch display encased in a stainless steel body, a stainless steel pink buckle and TPU strap, remote camera, VGA camera embedded atop the display and a 550 mAh battery.

The LG118 smart watch is also water resistant, which means you won’t damage it with rain or flood. At the same time, the watch comes with various functions thanks to its proprietary software, like sound recording, video and music playing, text messaging, calling and more. The watch will work with any Android smartphone, but at the moment, it is not compatible with any other mobile operating system.

That being said, Android users might want to consider the LG118 smart watch as their next purchase, seeing as the device is versatile and multi-functional, and will make their lives ultimately easier. If on the road, you needn’t take your phone out to respond to texts or calls, which can be a time saver. Having the possibility of comprehensive health monitoring at the same time only adds to the value of such a gadget. Any takers?

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