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W8 – acronym, smart watch, phone or what?

The W8 is not an acronym, but it’s not a smart watch and it’s not a phone. It’s all of those things bunched together in a neat, and very cheap little gadget that you can wear on your wrist. The W8 is a smart watch that comes with GSM capabilities, which means you can insert a SIM card in there, and use it as a phone.

The W8 smart watch is very cheap at $41, but you can get it for even less if you use the coupon code GBW8 on GearBest. With the code on your purchase, you can buy the smart watch for only $29, which sounds like a pretty good deal. The watch isn’t that special and it takes a lot of design elements from the Apple Watch, but it does come with obvious benefits.

First off, the W8 smart watch comes with built-in microSD card slot, built-in VGA camera, sleep- and fitness tracking and of course, a SIM card slot. Although there’s not 3G or LTE support, you can get internet on the watch with tethering to a smartphone.

The W8 watch comes with Bluetooth 3.0, 128 MB RAM, 64 MB ROM with 8 GB space if you place an SD card inside, a 1.54 inch display with a 240*240 resolution and a 380 mAh battery. Since this watch is not that feature-filled, the battery will most likely be exemplary when it comes to its lifespan on one charge, so we’ve got that extra benefit.

For a beginner, the W8 smart watch can be the perfect investment because it will get them accustomed to wearable technology and will make their relationship with tech a bit easier. Having a smart watch does help you bypass the limitations of a smartphone, and if you can make calls and send messages without having your phone in your pocket, that’s a win-win.

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