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No. 1 S3 – the round smart watch with a SIM card slot

Recently, wearable devices with multiple functionalities built-in have become widespread, especially among Chinese tech manufacturers. The No. 1 S3 smart watch is a great example of how style and practicality can be balanced out to result in a stylish wearable that doesn’t just feed you notifications, but does much more than that.

On GearBest, the No. 1 S3 smart watch price is $63, but if you use the coupon code NS at the checkout, you can buy the wearable for $58, which is a welcomed reduction in price. Although inexpensive, the No.1 S3 watch is quite filled with features and it would be suitable for those who like the classic, round watch face.

The Moto 360 comes with such a face, but unlike Motorola’s most popular device last Summer, the No. 1 S3 resembles the LG G Watch R more because of the lack of black bar action on the bottom of the display. The watch is currently on presale until the end of August, so if you want to get a good deal on it, I would suggest making a purchase this month. Shipping is free, but it will take a while, so keep that in mind when ordering.

The No. S3 comes with a stylish steel frame and a brown leather band that evoke a feeling of class and sophistication, appreciated by many in the wearable industry. If an Apple Watch or LG G Watch R (or even a Vector smart watch) is too expensive for your taste or you’re just planning on getting into wearables, the No. 1 S3 is a great way to become accustomed to the newly emerging standard of wearables.

No1 S3 smart watch

When it comes to features, the No. 1 S3 smart watch comes with all the standard monitoring functions such as fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, notifications feed through smartphone tethering through the Fundo app, Android compatibility (sorry, iOS users), music player, anti-loss feature, Bluetooth and of course, a SIM card slot. Moreover, the watch is also outfitted with a UV light sensor for those torrid Summer days when you’re not sure if your skin can handle the damage of the Sun.

The hardware is rather standard, as the No. 1 S3 smart watch comes with its proprietary OS, and a microSD card slot for storage expansion. The 380 mAh battery should provide for a day or two of battery life, depending on how much you use the watch as a phone on a GSM network. Unfortunately, those are all the specs that we could find, and besides the 240*240 resolution of the display, we don’t know much about what’s under the hood. Still, for $58, it sounds like a good deal.

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