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iPhone 7 and 6S to have decreased battery life

Rumors are pouring in from Asia as we’re approaching the fall season when Apple usually launches its flagship phones. Last year, the company released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, two phones that did little to revolutionize the company’s primary product line. While a good phone in its own way, the iPhone 6 wasn’t a huge step up in many regards when compared to earlier models, such as the 5S. Thus, it only comes naturally that many are expecting Apple to bring something truly upgraded to the table this fall.

Sadly, at least where battery life is concerned, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Recent reports from China (as reported on by TheWeek) show that not only will the new iPhones have similar batter-life as to the current flagship models, but might actually provide a small decrease in autonomy. Considering that the iPhone 6, and particularly the larger brethren, the 6 Plus, suffer from at best mediocre battery life, this is quite bad news indeed. One of the major let-downs of the latest iPhone generations was in fact the sub-par battery life, and many Apple fans have been hoping for a significant upgrade in this year’s release.

The reports emphasize that the two upcoming models (it’s quite unclear if we’re going to be getting an iPhone 6S or an iPhone 7 at this point, but we do know we’ll have two variants with differing screen sizes) are actually getting smaller batteries, more specifically from 1810 mAh to 1715 on the smaller version, and from 2910 to 2750 mAh on the larger one. The battery life drop is expected to be around 5%, and while this is ultimately not a lot, it’s still a downgrade to an already weak feature of the current generation.

In terms of other specs, nothing is clear at this point, but Apple is expected to unveil its new phones this month, so there’s not a lot to wait. Expect to see similar prices to those seen for last year’s iPhone 6 models, when those were launched. We’ll keep you updated on any developments.

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