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New Moto X details leaked, Motorola to launch a shatterproof phone

Remember how people are constantly talking about this year’s Motorola Moto X having two distinct variants? Well, scratch that, it’s not two, it’s three. Initial data showed that Motorola is releasing two versions of its popular flagship phone this year, in the form of the Moto X Style (a more expensive but top of the line version) and the Moto X Play (a slightly downgraded version of the Style, but with impressive battery life).

It turns out, there’s a third sibling in this 2015’s Moto X line-up, as known leakster @upleaks has just revealed. The third Moto X is called the X Force, and it’s designed for outdoorsy activities, sporting a more resilient and supposedly shatterproof chassis. This is reinforced by its codename, aptly called “Bounce”. Additionally, it also comes with some really nice specs, including a 5.43 inch QHD display, a 21 MP/5 MP camera combination, a Snapdragon 810 2 GHz CPU, 3 GB of DDR4, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage and, of course, microSD support.

So we’re getting a good looking, resistant phone with top of the line specs, Motorola’s well-liked “almost-core” Android, and possibly a reasonable price. As far as pricing is concerned, @upleaks hinted at $630 in China upon its December release, which would probably translate to $700ish, in theory, in the US.

Sounds good so far. It really does seem that Motorola has been paying close attention to user feedback after last year’s Moto X, a phone which was anything but bad, but was somewhat hindered by some flaws. This time around, there seems to be a version for everyone, with the Style, Play and Force all targeting different markets and audiences, but probably satisfying them equally. We’ll live and learn once we get our hands on all variants and thoroughly test them out.

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