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Moto 360 – The best looking smartwach

The latest gadgets to hit the market are the smartwatches. These devices took time-keeping to the next level. They blend in very well with what gadget enthusiasts want from their devices,  interactivity, synchronization and ways to personalize the experience.

In essence smartwatches link to mobile devices using Bluetooth technology and are able to show different types of notifications, control media functions of the phone, answer calls and many more. All the major manufacturers are making and selling smartwatches, but there are a few which stand out from the rest. The most recognizable smartwatch right now is the Moto 360. It has a stylish design, a nice round beautiful display, the case is crafted from stainless steel which gives it a  luxurious look and the finishing touches truly make this watch a premium item. The device can be fitted with metal or natural leather wrist bands.

The watch is equipped with SoC TI OMAP 3 which has a Cortex A8 CPU clocked at 1 Ghz, 512 MB of memory and 4GB storage capacity. The display varies from 42mm to 46mm, has a resolution of 320X290.  The device is controlled by using the capacitive touch screen, it connects to other devices by Bluetooth and can browse the web by Wi-Fi connection.  The Moto 360 has a 320 mAh battery that can power through an entire day of mixed use. The device comes with different sensors like an optical heart monitor that makes it ideal for practicing all kinds of sports and keep tabs on your heart rate.

It currently runs on Android wear 2.1.1 ( based on the 5.1.1 version found on mobile phones), it is compatible with all google services like the Play Store or Google now.

Besides looking great the watch weighs only 49 g so it also feels very well on the wrist.

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