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Apple Watch OS 2 finally live

Apple Watch OS 2 Finally Out

Albeit Apple was supposed to launch Watch OS 2 last Wednesday, the long- awaited software update became available on Monday, due to a delay caused by a bug found during the testing of the operating system.

The new version of Apple’s smartwatch OS was intended to  considerably enhance the watch’s characteristics, including an improvement in the watch’s ability to run third- party application. Signed, sealed and delivered, as it seems. The new OS will enable lots of new apps, one of most important of the novelties consisting in Facebook Messenger app for Apple Watch which will be able to text, send audio files and share locations right from the wrist. The new OS also lets you reply to emails, not only receive them as before. Another great feature of the new OS is that GoPro will enable users to use the smartwatch as a viewfinder, and this way users will always know where the camera is pointing, no matter where the camera is mounted.

The Digital Crown now not only lets users zoom in and out, it also allows them to see various events up to 72 hours into the future or past events, right on the watch face. The new app is called “Time Travel” and it will also work with weather and news headlines.  The new Watch OS 2 also allows App Store apps to be complications (pieces of information you can see on your watch face), this making the device a quite useful one. Apple also thought of the period when users don’t wear their smartwatches, and enhanced the device with the Nightstand Mode, which lets you use your gadget as an alarm which is placed by your bed.

Another new feature of the Watch OS 2 is that many of its apps are native apps, which will thus load more quickly and have even greater capabilities. Apps now  can also more easily take advantage of features like the Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, speaker, and microphone, making the smartwatch fun to use in different situations. Another new feature is that now users can draw sketches on the same screen in multiple colors, making the experience a lot more fun.

We should also mention that Siri, your personal assistant which comes with the smartwatch is now even more versatile, being able to control HomeKit devices and give you transit directions among other great features.

All in all I think that the Watch OS 2 was worth waiting for and I am eager to discover all the things that this new and free software- update can offer.

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