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iPhone 6 Plus value plummets as iPhone 6S Plus takes the throne

Bad news for those who want to sell their iPhone 6 Plus units to be able to buy the newly released iPhone 6S: the resale value of the phone has dropped. Considerably, too, compared to its value before the iPhone 6S Plus was launched. Although trade-in programs are bound to help people out, the best way to upgrade without losing too much money is selling your older iPhone 6 Plus.

If the resale value of the iPhone 6 Plus was about $700 right before the iPhone 6S Plus was launched, that number has dropped to about $400 give or take, which is the largest drop Apple’s devices have experienced. It is well-known that after a new iPhone is released, the resale value of the previous phone would plummet, but it came as a surprise to everyone just how much that value actually plummeted.

Contributing to the decreased value of the iPhone 6 Plus is the trade-in program that many carriers and Apple have in place. The number of trade-ins since the iPhone 6S was launched has grown by about 20 % in the two weeks since the iPhone 6S line-up was launched. These numbers were provided by CompareMyMobile, who has a detailed analysis on how the trade-in program impacted the iPhone 6 Plus resale value, as well as all the other iPhones’ values.

With this drop in value, the iPhone 6 Plus is definitely going to be more affordable in the next few months, even in its new state on holidays. That demonstrates that people are always more interested in the newest device available and disregard the fact that the new iPhone 6S Plus doesn’t really add that much to the user experience, which is pretty good, of the iPhone 6 Plus. Would you trade your iPhone 6 Plus for an iPhone 6S Plus?

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