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iOS 9 Bugs and Fixes

Although it was released only 10 days ago, the iOS 9 already had to deal with bugs and other issues. The first update of the iOS 9 was released on the 23 of September, only a week after the launch of the original OS. The iOS 9.0.1 update was supposed to fix a quite serious  iOS 9 bug which prevented iPhone and iPad users from installing the iOS 9 on their devices. More precisely, some users reported that when the installation of the setup assistant in the iOS 9 was almost complete on their devices, the iPhone or iPad would freeze, preventing them from completing the installation. Fortunately the update was able to fix the iOS 9 bug and made it possible for users to correctly install the new software to their Apple devices.

The iOS 9.0.1 was also created to solve other problems iPhone and iPad users were faced with after updating to iOS 9. One of the iOS 9 bugs that were fixed by the iOS 9.0.1 update was the one which prevented alarms and timers to go off in some cases. Fortunately for those who relied on their Apple devices to wake them up, this problem was fixed with the help of the new update. Another iOS 9 bug used to distort images when pausing a video. This only happened in Safari and Photos and it only occurred to the frames where the videos were paused. Happily, the developers of iOS 9 were able to find a way to fix this issue and make the operating system run smoothly for every user.

Besides these problems, some users reported that their devices use a lot more data than before updating to iOS 9. As it’s now known, this problem was not due to a bug, but it resulted from one of the new features of the iOS 9, the Wi- Fi Assistant. Although this feature is on its own a great one, assuring users that they always have access to the internet, if not through Wi- Fi, then by accessing their mobile data offer by their providers. Unfortunately, this feature used a lot more data than normal, but the problem could easily be fixed by turning off the Wi- Fi Assist feature. Of course, if you have unlimited data in your subscription this feature won’t affect you in any way whatsoever.

The rapid response of Apple in fixing iOS 9 bugs is more than welcome, making its users feel appreciated and well taken care of. It’s always nice to see that software developers and providers care about the quality of the experience they’re offering and we applaud the quick measures Apple took in fixing iOS 9 bugs and issues.


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