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Blackphone 2 Hits The Stores

Silent Circle’s Blackphone 2 went on sale on Monday with a not-so-affordable $799 price tag. The device which might be the most secure Android smartphone available at this time is available in the US  as of yesterday. This is the Swiss company’s second device, following in the footsteps of the first Blackphone which was released last year. If you check the technical specifications of the Blackphone 2 you will surely notice that this device is improved in almost every way in comparison with the first Blackphone.

The Blackphone 2 features a 5.5- inch, 1080p touchscreen display, protected by Gorilla Glass, larger than its predecessor’s 4.5- inch screen. The Blackphone 2 is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor, clocked at 1.7 GHz. It includes 3GB RAM and offers 32 GB storage which can be extended by up to 128 GB thanks to its microSD card slot. The Blackphone 2’s camera system was also improved, it now sports a 13 MP back camera and a 5 MP secondary camera. The device has a 3.060 mAh battery which can ensure up to 24 hours battery life on moderate to heavy use. The Blackphone 2 also features Quick Charge 2.0, which is always welcome.

All of the above features, alongside its elegant design, make the Blackphone 2 a high- end smartphone, but the feature that really differentiates it from other devices on the market is the special operating system which is built for privacy. The Blackphone 2 runs on a thoroughly modified Android OS, called Silent OS. Since security is a top priority for Silent Circle’s Blackphone 2 device, it is no surprise that it offers a security center which allows users to easily configure settings for individual spaces. The same feature lets users choose which apps will live in which spaces.It also offers the possibility to fine tune individual app permissions so that the user decides the level of data access each app receives. Speaking of apps, which can constitute major security breaches, the Blackphone 2 comes preloaded with native apps as well as third party apps that enable private, encrypted communication. This contributes to the safety of the device and of communications. The Blackphone 2 offers Peer to peer encrypted audio, video calling, and secure messaging, user’s security being more tight than ever. The smart Wi- Fi connections are also there to help users not to expose themselves to risky connections which might turn out to be harmful to them. The fact that users can remotely wipe their smartphone or zap only specific apps and data on the phone but leave everything else untouched, using Blackphone 2’s “Brace for Impact” feature.

Although the technical specifications of the Blackphone 2 are not that impressive compared to other high- end devices on the market, its security features make it quite appealing. If security and privacy are extremely important to you, you should consider investing in a Blackphone 2 which has the ability to ensure encrypted communication and secure usage of the device.


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