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K8 3G Smartwatch Phone on Discount

The new K8 3G Smartwatch Phone is on sale on Gearbest for a mesmerizing $130.92 price. If customers would like an even lower price, the device can be purchased with the GBK8A coupon code for only $121.99.  This great- looking smartwatch is not only affordable but also a great device to own. The new K8 3G Smartwatch Phone is actually more than a smartwatch, its 3G feature making it also able to perform any task without being connected to a smartphone. It also allows users to make phone calls through 3G coverage or GSM if a SIM card is inserted in the device. As far as connectivity goes, the K8 3G Smartwatch Phone features Wi- Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and GSM connectivity, making it a useful gadget. TheK8 3G Smartwatch Phone runs on Android 4.4 KitKat so it offers a great user experience.

The K8 3G Smartwatch Phone impresses with its elegant circular shape, making it a cool accessory to wear. It features a 1.4- inch, 400x 400 pixels OLED display and a MTK6572 dual- core processor clocked at 1 GHz. It includes 512MB RAM and has a 4 GB internal storage. Unfortunately no external storage can be added, because the smartwatch phone is not equipped with a card slot. On the other hand, 4 GB storage should be enough for music and apps for such a device. Speaking of music, the K8 3G Smartwatch Phone supports WAV, AAC and MP3 music formats and it can also play AVI and MP4 videos. Just like any other smartwatch on the market the K8 G3 also sports health- features like the heart- rate sensor and the pedometer, so it comes in handy when exercising.

The gadget comes with a genuine leather, elegant strap band which alongside its 60 g weight makes the K8 3G Smartwatch Phone extremely comfortable to wear. Due to its great design and features the K8 3G Smartwatch Phone could be compared to the Samsung Gear S2 3G for example, but it could also compete with other well known smartwatch models. What really differentiates the K8 3G from these is its incredibly low price. This of course gives the K8 3G Smartwatch Phone an advantage over the smartwatches manufactured by tech giants such as Samsung, Apple or Motorola, although the brand name will surely weigh in when consumers choose the device they would like to own.

All in all, the K8 G3 Smartwatch Phone is a great gadget to have and due to its low, $121.99 coupon price is also affordable to a wider range of customers. If you would like to have a great 3G smartwatch and you want to purchase it for a fair price, you could always opt for the K8 G3 Smartwatch Phone.

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