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Surface Pro 4 Release Date Approaching

Microsoft’s 6 October event is fast approaching and tech enthusiasts get a little more excited every day about the devices that are said to be launched.  Microsoft is expected to launch several Windows 10 devices at their New York event at the beginning of next month. One of these devices is thought to be the new Surface Pro 4 tablet. Since we are accustomed to receive better and greater devices from Microsoft with every upgrade the new Surface Pro 4 should be a unique tablet in its category.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 might come in two versions: a 14- inch giant and a smaller, 12- inch laplet. As far as the design of the new device goes, it is rumored that the new Surface Pro 4 will also be made of magnesium- alloy, just as its predecessor, but it is projected to be a little thinner and lighter than the Surface 3, making it easier to carry around. Design- wise this seems to be the only change that the Surface Pro 4 comes with in comparison with the older model. The 14- inch version will probably be powered by the new Intel Core M and the smaller version will feature a Core i5 or Core i7. Both versions of the Surface Pro 4 are likely to feature the latest Intel Skylake chip due to which users will be able to have a great 3D gaming and video experience.

Naturally, the Surface Pro 4 will come with Windows 10 installed,  users can expect to meet a device which has a lot to offer. It seems that the Surface Pro 4 will also be improved in comparison with its predecessor thanks to the USB Type-C port it is rumored to be equipped with. This feature will allow better charging and syncing and will also serve as a port for the USB Type-C enabled storage devices. As far as storage goes, it is said that the Surface Pro 4 will come in 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB and 500 GB versions. Rumors even say that there could be a 1 TB Surface Pro 4, but that is still left to be seen.

Considering the projected specs the Surface Pro 4 should be a premium device, so we are eager to see its exact specifications after its release date which will probably be in the first few days of October. Until then we can only guess, or presume based on previous experiences, what Microsoft prepared for its customers.

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