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Hands-on Apple Tv iFixit teardown

iFixit removed from iTunes after Apple TV teardown

iFixit is a favorite when it comes to teardowns and iOS users had a profound appreciation for all that the iFixit community has been doing for them over the years. Even though the iOS iFixit app was outdated and a bit cumbersome to use, iOS users appreciated the opportunity of learning about their smartphones, their hardware, value, how they work and the specifics of each component withn their new phones.

Unfortunately, the iFixit app for iOS is no longer accessible as Apple has removed it following teardown of the Apple TV. While some quickly became outraged at the decision, fact of the matter is, iFixit botched things up this time, but it was for the fans. iFixit did a teardown of the Apple TV a couple of days ago, and while that’s all well and good, the team shouldn’t have published it because the Apple TV is under embrago, so to speak.

The iFixit team had a preview unit in their possession and they did what they do best with it: teared it down to all the small parts that make up the Apple TV. Unfortunately, they did this before Apple actually released the Apple TV or revealed all the specifics of its hardware, which lead to the developer account for iFixit being banned from iTunes.

Apple informed iFixit that the Apple TV teardown they shared via the iFixit app is in violation of the terms and conditions that the team agreed to when accepting the Apple TV preview unit. With that, Apple quickly banned the developer account and removed the app from iTunes. The iFixit team is not so torn up about it because they were aware of the consequences when they posted the teardown.

The team is focused on creating a better web user experience for iFixit, which is why another app is out of the question and why the team and their fans are no longer outraged at Apple’s decision. According to the iFixit blog post, they will be focusing on making the web experience better for all users, not just iOS ones, and that they would have gone down the same path even if Apple hadn’t struck down on their illicit Apple TV teardown.

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