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Galaxy Note 6 to feature dual-camera setup

The Galaxy Note 5 isn’t even readily available, yet rumors about the Galaxy Note 6 and its camera have already emerged. According to a report from ETNews from Korea, Samsung is working on a dual-camera setup module that would let users take 3d photos and live photos, as well as record 360 degree video in 4K and more. The report points out that Samsung is not going to use the Galaxy S7 to implement the dual-camera tech, which leads us to believe another flagship device will be the recipient of the in-development tech: the Galaxy Note 6.

Apparently, the dual-camera setup might be used in the Galaxy Note 6, seeing as Samsung has not yet found a way to effectively incorporate the larger, more powerful module into their smartphones without compromising on key features like wireless charging, 4G LTE or optical image stabilization.

The Galaxy Note 6 camera is said to be made up of a 21 MP sensor up top and another depth- or motion-sensor on the bottom. While specifics of this duo-camera setup are still unknown, sources believe the main purpose of it will be to target content creators – similarly to Apple’s iPad Pro.

Whether Samsung is going to launch a dual-camera Galaxy Note 6 or not will be decided after the Galaxy S7 goes official. After the company launches their next flagship, analysts will check out the market and look for effective and practical implementations of a duo-camera. That will most likely be the Galaxy Note 6, a device geared towards power users and content creators anyway.

Another possible scenario is for Samsung to release an entirely new phone, something that is centered around the camera performance. HTC is doing it with the supreme camera One M9+, Microsoft did it with the Lumia 1020 and even Asus did it with the Vibe Shot. Samsung is prone to doing it too, as it always wants to be the top player in all genres. Now all that’s left to find out is whether the company will use the Galaxy Note 6 to do it or release an entirely new device?

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