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Showtime releases cord cutting streaming subscription

Showtime is dabbling into cord cutter culture with its new updated Showtime app for Android. Content streaming has been evolving and getting more popular and it’s arrived at a point where it’s uncertain whether we even need cable providers anymore. Showtime has noticed the tendency of consumers to migrate towards easier options, especially on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, and consequently released its own app for cord cutters way back. But it wasn’t very good, and it still required various subscriptions and plans to work, which was not expensive.

The updated Showtime app is now available for Android in the Google Play Store and besides being an app based on a paid Showtime streaming service, it also includes Android TV support. Showtime unveiled that a monthly subscription for its streaming services through the Showtime app will cost buyers only $11 per month and won’t need any cable subscription in order to work.

In order to create a Showtime subscription, all Android users need is a credit card, a compatible device and the Showtime app. With the move, Showtime makes it inherently easy for subscribers to get ahold of content that they like. Cord cutters will love the option as it doesn’t require entering a long-term contract with a cable provider, offering instead wireless streaming on mobile.

Entertainment on mobile is at a sky-high level, and Showtime is trying to go down the path of HBO, ESPN, Apple and Sling TV to offer a seamless, hassle-free user experience on mobile platforms. The Showtime Anytime app keeps its interface simple and streamlined and hasn’t changed much about its content either. There is also a 30-day trial for the app that those uncertain if it’s worth the money can try. For those looking for an affordable alternative to cable, do $11 a month sound ok?

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