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Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Pro 3- What’s new?

Microsoft’s 6 October event is just around the corner and it’s believed that they will launch the Surface Pro 4 then. Until now, the tech giant always delivered a better version of its premium model, so the Surface Pro 4 should be better in every way than the Surface Pro 3 is. According to the leaked specs we heard of so far it seems that the Surface Pro 4 will be a great device. Whether you should upgrade from Surface Pro 3 is another matter though. The Surface Pro 3 was already a great tablet. If the changes that the Surface Pro 4 will bring are important and vital for you, you should upgrade, of course.

As far as the design goes, it seems that the Surface Pro 4 will be a thinner device than the Surface Pro 3. Although the first thought is that in this case it will also be smaller, you are wrong. The Surface Pro 4 will probably come with a 13- inch which will become a 12- inch display when the Smart Frame technology adds a virtual bezel to it. This way the Surface Pro 4 will be great to use both in laptop and in tablet modes. In comparison with the rumored display size of the Surface Pro 4, the Surface Pro 3’s 12- inch screen is not a lot smaller. More than that, when the Surface Pro 4 is used in tablet mode, with the virtual bezels added, the two devices’ displays measure the same. Of course, it is nice to have another option, and decide what type of display you need at the moment. The Smart Frame feature is a huge bonus for the Surface Pro 4 in comparison with its predecessor. There were also rumors that the Surface Pro 4 will be released in two versions, the 13- inch and a 14- inch one. In this case, the difference between the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Pro 3 will be obvious regarding their displays.

On the other hand, a 14- inch device is a little trickier to use, so if you need a tablet, not a laptop, the 12- inch version should be more comfortable. It was also rumored that the Surface Pro 4 will be significantly thinner than its predecessor due to the fact that it will lack a fan. Instead, it was said that the new device will feature small holes that are meant to let hot air out.Regarding its hardware, the Surface Pro 4 is said to be powered by a Skylake Core chipset from Intel. Others think that it could be equipped with a Intel Core M Broadwell CPU. Anyway, the new chipset will probably be better than the 1.9GHz Intel Core i5-4300U processor which was included in the Surface Pro 3.

The Surface Pro 3 had 8 GB RAM, which was pretty impressive, but it is rumored that the Surface Pro 4 will double that. 16 GB RAM should be enough for the Surface Pro 4 to work really quickly. While the Surface Pro 3 included 256 GB internal storage, the Surface Pro 4 promises much more. It seems that the Surface Pro 4 will come with internal storage as high as 500 GB, even more, some people stated that it could feature 1 TB internal storage. If that rumor will come true, at least when speaking of internal storage, the Surface Pro 3 will absolutely pale next to the Surface Pro 4. On the other hand, if the Surface device is not your primary device and you keep most of your content on your laptop you really won’t be needing 1 TB internal storage, so an upgrade to Surface Pro 4 won’t be exactly necessary.

In case the improvements in the internal storage and display sections were not enough to prove that the Surface Pro 4 is higher- quality than its predecessor, it is also said that the GPU of the new device will be two times more powerful than the one found in the Surface Pro 3. This means that the user experience delivered by the Surface Pro 4 should easily compete with the Surface Pro 3 – offered experience.  The Surface Pro 4 is thought to feature the same two 5 MP cameras the Surface Pro 3 had, so there is no news there. Maybe a higher- quality camera would be welcome by the users, but it seems that Microsoft didn’t really think of it while creating the Surface Pro 4.  On the other hand, they thought of users when adding an improved stylus and a even more impressive Type Cover to the Surface Pro 4. The stylus is said to be more accurate and with a higher touch sensitivity.

There were no reports concerning real change in the battery life or connectivity. We would’ve liked a higher- capacity battery, and we still hope that the rumors are wrong and this feature will also be improved. It is safe to presume that the new Surface Pro 4, just like its predecessor, will enable 802.11ac Wi-Fi andBluetooth 4.0. As far as the ports go, the Surface Pro 4 will probably feature mostly the same ones that the Surface Pro 3 did. One thing that might change is that in addition to the USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, microSDXC card reader (up to 128GB), headphone/mic jack, we could see a USB Type-C port.

The measurements of the new Surface Pro 4 should be bigger than the Surface Pro 3’s, but its weight should be around its predecessor’s. 1.76 pound is a pretty good weight for a 13- inch device, specially for one as powerful as the Surface Pro 4 will be. This should make the Surface Pro 4 easy-to-carry, although it would be larger than the Surface Pro 4. Of course, especially when used as a laptop, with its keyboard, a larger device will probably prove more useful and comfortable.

One sure difference between the two Surface devices is that the Surface Pro 4 will definitely come running on Windows 10 out of the box. Although a Surface Pro 3 can also be upgraded to Windows 10, the fact that the Surface Pro 4 is the first Surface device that comes with Windows 10 preinstalled certainly makes the Surface Pro 4 unique.

As far as the price is concerned, the Surface Pro 4 will probably have a similar price to its predecessor’s. This means that it will probably go on sale for about $800 for the smaller version, and the price could get to as high as $1500 or higher for the 1 TB version. Of course, these are only speculations, so Microsoft could always surprise us with lower prices. Or higher ones, for that matter.

It would seem, based on the leaked specs and information that the Surface Pro 4 is undoubtedly a better, higher- quality device than the Surface Pro 3. If you own a Surface Pro 3 you will probably consider to upgrade to Microsoft’s even more dazzling Surface Pro 4. If the leaked specs are accurate and the improved features are important to you, you probably should. If not, and you really need to use your Surface device as a tablet, and not a primary device, maybe you shouldn’t invest in a Surface Pro 4. The Surface Pro 3 is already a great device and if the enhanced features don’t really count for you, there is no need for you to invest in a Surface Pro 4. Of course, you need to wait for the Surface Pro 4 to be released, probably 6 October in order to be sure that its specs are a lot better than the Surface Pro 3’s.


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