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Aeon GoPro Stabilizer created by Aetho

Aetho created a new GoPro handheld stabilizer. It is called Aeon and it is meant to help you make great videos. It is welcome by users, given the difficulty of shooting good quality videos when moving. And that is the purpose of GoPro action cameras, to shoot videos while users are in the middle of great adventures. If they mount their GoPros on their wrists or bags, the videos would be less impressive and sometimes even worthless. Aetho created the Aeon stabilizer for you to get great memories.

The Aeon camera gimbal is meant to be more useful than the existing stabilizers, which, let’s be honest, are quite chunky or lack practical design. The Aeon has a curved handle which makes it easy to use and quite comfortable to hold for longer periods of time. Another great thing about the Aeon stabilizer is that is designed in such a way to place the camera on the same level with the user’s hand. This way it is a lot easier to direct the camera exactly where you want. It is less probable with the Aeon to shoot the sky, the floor or anything else but the event you want to immortalize.

Since the camera is placed on a 3- axis articulation which is built into the Aeon stabilizer, the Aeon offers a broader range of lateral motion. It also has an analog joystick that allows users to sweep the camera in different direction without having to move their hands. This makes tracking the object of the video a lot easier, and grants a better quality film. In order to make sure that users are filming exactly what they want, the Aeon comes with a circular LCD display. It is situated on the top of the handle, so they can see exactly what they are shooting, all the time.

In case users can’t or won’t hold the Aeon stabilizer in their hands Aetho added a GoPro mount to the base of the grip. This way, the Aeon stabilizer can be mounted onto helmets, selfie- sticks and onto any other compatible accesory GoPro users might own. The Aeon will charge via USB cable and is said to deliver 5 hours of battery life. Sources say that the release of Aetho’s Aeon stabilizer is scheduled for early 2016 and will be available for as high as $350. Given the price tag of other gimbals, the price might seem high. But if you consider the extras it comes with, like the LCD display, it might worth it. If you are one of those adventurers who would like to shoot the extreme sports they practice or simply a walk, but you desire a high- quality video, the Aeon stabilizer might just be what you need. If you can’t wait for the product to hit the stores, it can be pre- ordered on Indiegogo for $324 and shipping.

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