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21.5- inch iMac 4K To Launch Next Week

This fall Apple released a whole new set of iPhones, and the Apple TV. The new iPad Pro is about to arrive in November also. Now, rumor has it that Apple plans to reveal its 21.5- inch iMac next week. It seems that the new device will hit the stores fast, possibly even by Tuesday, October 13. It was also said that there will be only a small number devices available this month, but starting November  Apple will deliver larger quantities of the new iMac. This new desktop will feature a 4K Retina display which is a great upgrade compared to previous iMac devices.

Apple’s 21.5- inch iMac will probably look a lot like its predecessor, there are no real news design- wise there. But there will be a difference in its display, due to its 4096 x 2304 pixels resolution. The approximately 218 ppi pixel density should ensure a high- quality image for the new 21.5- inch iMac all-in-one device. Apart from its display, it also seems that the 21.5- inch iMac 4K will bring another new feature. It is rumored that the 21.5- inch iMac 4k will boast a faster graphics card so video- experience should be improved.

The OS X El Capitan beta already hinted the upcoming of an iMac 4K Retina device. It was also mentioned at the time that the new device may feature Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200, which is the graphics chipset that accompanies Intel’s newest line of Broadwell processors. This of course leads us to think that the new 21.5- inch iMac 4K will be powered by a Broadwell or Skylake processor. The 21.5- inch iMac will most likely come with OS X El Capitan preinstalled. There are also rumors that new accessories will also become available at the same time the new 21.5- inch iMac will launch. So it’s possible to further increase the level of user experience by adding a new Magic Mouse 2 with Force Touch integration and a new Bluetooth Keyboard with improved battery life to the equation.

Since there was no official statement made regarding the launch date of the 21.5- inch iMac or its exact specs, we sill have to wait another few days  to see what will happen. We hope that the new, smaller Retina iMac will be more affordable than the existing Retina device Apple has to offer. What would you like the new 21.5- inch iMac to bring?

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