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DJI’s Osmo Launched

DJI is better known for its drone cameras, but now decided to prove that they are perfectly capable to deliver cameras used on the ground also. So they launched their latest device, the Osmo. The Osmo is a handheld 4K camera and 3- axis gimbal system. It was created with moving in mind. Due to its build it allows users to shoot steady videos, even when they are moving. It is appropriate both for creating home videos and for cinema productions.

The Osmo’s camera is a Zenmuse X3, but customers can also opt for the Zenmuse X5 or Zenmuse X5R cameras if they are looking for more professional devices. The basic model, equipped with the X3 camera, features a 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor that is able to shoot full DCI 4K video both at 24 and 25p. As far as photos go, the Zenmuse X3 that is part of the Osmo system is able to take 12 MP pictures. The gimbal is battery- powered and includes a number of camera controls. It also has built in Wi- Fi, which will enable users to easily transfer their captured videos to other devices.

Speaking of other devices, the Osmo has an included mobile device holder where you can place a smartphone to use as a monitor. It works with both iPhones and Android devices. Mobile devices will also come in handy when a more advanced operation is necessary. The Osmo’s small number of controls doesn’t offer as many possibilities as a smartphone with the appropriate app will do. The handle was created to be comfortable even when used for longer periods of time. It houses the mobile device holder, which can be disconnected in order to give space to other mounting accessories compatible with the Osmo.

The 3- axis gimbal is responsible for image stabilization. It also enables users to manually move the camera in relation to the handle. In order to move the camera users can opt for using the controls included in the gimbal or the GO App for iOS that enables users to remotely control the Osmo. The camera can be panned and tilted up and down. The panning range is 320°, which is quite wide. Users can tilt the camera down 35°, and up 135°.

Among other features, the Osmo offers the Automatic Panorama mode, that enables users to shoot 360° panoramas. This is due to the fact that the camera can rotate and assemble the images it takes while moving. Another feature that the Osmo has to offer is Time- Lapse Recording, which makes it possible for users to record the passage of time without the need of a tripod even if they can’t stand totally still. The camera of the Osmo doesn’t include a microphone, this feature is included in the gimbal. The Osmo includes a 980 mAh battery, and also features an Intelligent Sleep mode which will enter the Osmo into sleep every time it is put down. This way battery life will be saved, so you will be able to use it for a longer period of time. It is also a great feature for increasing the lifespan of its advanced electronics.

All- in all, the Osmo seems to be a more than useful device which might change the world of home- made videos by adding some stability to them. The Osmo will become available probably by the end of this month, for $649. Until then, customers can pre-order the Osmo from the DJI store.

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