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Facebook Messenger is Now on Apple Watch

Apple released a brand new operating system last month, the watchOS 2, which brought great improvements to the Apple Watch. Among new watch faces and a series of features, the new platform also promised to deliver enhanced third- party app support. One of the of the most expected app of this kind was the Facebook Messenger. And now it arrived. It is available since Thursday, so everyone who upgraded to Apple’s watchOS 2 can now download it and use it.

The Facebook Messenger app allow users to end and receive voice clips, likes, stickers and more on their Apple Watch. Although not everyone will want to use Facebook Messenger on their Apple Watch all the time, it can come in handy in some situations. Maybe your smartphone is in the other room, in your bag or who knows where else, and you get an important message. Now, you can respond  from your wrist, through the Apple Watch.

The Facebook Messenger app for Apple Watch is a native watchOS 2 app, so it should work quite well. Unfortunately, it seems that this is not the case. Apple Watch owners who already tried the Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch reported that it either didn’t work at all, or in other cases it worked extremely slow and became unresponsive.

Although the fact that Apple Watch owners will now have Facebook Messenger on their gadgets is the most interesting part of the app update, news don’t stop here. According to Facebook and Apple, starting Thursday, iOS 9 users are able to find  Messenger contacts and conversations from their iPone’s search screen. Even more, Facebook Messenger was also brought to iPads, and now users can access Messenger from the list of multi-tasking apps on their iPad.

So, if your own an Apple device that supports the app and you would like to keep in touch with Facebook friends from your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad, now you can. You just have to download the app from the Apple App Store.

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