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Light’s 16-in-1 L16 Camera as Great as DSLRs

Light, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup company announced on Wednesday a brand new camera. The L16 honestly doesn’t look a lot like a camera. It looks like a little, black box, with rounded edges. At least at first glance. When you take a closer look, you will find that its face is covered in circles.  16 camera lenses, to be more exact.  This is certainly a design we’ve never witnessed before. It is extremely eye- catching, and unexpected, there is no doubt about that.

As small as the L16 is, as powerful it promises to be. The L16’s software will combine the images taken with the 16 different lenses and deliver a single, up to 52 MP image. In order to deliver the best pictures possible, the L16 was designed to work ideally in low-light conditions, reduce image noise and control the depth of the field. It also offers 35-150 mm optical zoom so users can get a closer image of the object they are shooting. All these features were combined so that users will get better images than they ever imagined. At least from such a small device. We’ve only seen this kind of image quality in DSLR cameras before. The disadvantage in those devices is that they are usually of bigger sizes and they will definitely won’t fit in your pocket, like the Light L16.

The L16 also has on- board editing and Wi- Fi connection, and a 5- inch touchscreen on the back. Thanks to all of these features users can edit their images and share them without problems. It seems to be a great camera, but you shouldn’t get all that excited yet. The L16 will not hit the stores before next fall. It won’t be cheap either, coming with a $1.699 price tag. In case you can’t wait for it to get to the shelves, you can reserve it on the Light website. Light even offers a $400 launch month discount, so you could purchase it at a lower price.

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