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iPhone 6S vs. Oppo Find 7 Camera Comparison

Smartphones nowadays seem to get better and better with each generation. All of their features are improved with every new release. We see changes in their design, display, their processors, batteries, and the features they offer. We usually also see an improvement in their cameras. There are smartphones that now have up to 20 MP and even better cameras. The more high- end and expensive a device is, the better the camera. But not all the time. Today we thought we should analyze the camera feature of the Oppo Find 7, released last year, and the brand new iPhone 6S,the new version of last year’s iPhone 6, that was released last month. They became available for approximately the same price, even though more than a year apart. We are curios to see if there is a major difference between their cameras, given the time gap.

Oppo Find 7

The Oppo Find 7 is equipped with a 13 MP back camera. This comes with a f/2.0 aperture, which is a little wider than the average. It also has a dual- flash LED configuration, 1/3.06” sensor. What the Oppo Find 7 brought new at the time of its release was the newer sensor kit. It features a Sony IMX214 CMOS sensor. As far as the software of the camera goes, this really does the trick. It offers multiple features that enable users to take pretty great quality images. The ISP Pure Image 2.0, which is found in the Oppo Find 7 enables one of the greatest features of this mid- range smartphone camera: it can take 50 MP photos. How this is possible? When in Ultra HD mode, the camera quickly takes 10 consecutive pictures. Then, the software chooses the best four of these and combines them into a single picture. Although this sounds great, users have reported that the images are not as clear as expected. The whole picture seems to be a good quality, but when you zoom in, there is noise to be seen there. It seems that this feature works best when used for macro shots and when the camera is mounted on a tripod. Since it takes approximately 5-6 second to process one image taken in Ultra HD mode, users will probably not use this that often. Sometimes, the HD mode pictures look better and offer more details than the Ultra HD ones.

Normal picture
50 MP picture
Slow shutter mode image
Slow shutter mode image
50 MP image


Another extra feature of the Oppo Find 7’s camera is the Slow Shutter. Due to this feature, users can take decent pictures even in night time. It’s not as crystal clear as Oppo promised it to be, but the 32 seconds exposure delivers more than average images taken in night time.

Oppo Find 7 night time picture
Oppo Find 7 night time picture

The camera feature of the Oppo Find 7 also offers Panorama mode, which is not the greatest we’ve ever seen, but is decent. The videos taken with the Oppo Find 7 can be up to 4K with 30 fps. It also delivers 1080p videos with 60fps,and 720 ones with 120fps. The 4K videos taken with the Oppo Find 7 are pretty clear, dynamic with a great color reproduction even when not shot in perfect light conditions. The Oppo Find 7 also has a 5MP front facing camera. This is able to take good quality pictures but nothing really pops up about it. It’s a regular, above average camera that is meant to shoot selfies.

All in all, the camera of the Oppo Find 7 is an average one, when it comes to the hardware part, but the software that Oppo paired with its camera enables users to take good quality pictures. It is not as impressive as it was first hinted, but we can say that the camera of the Oppo Find 7 is more than capable of doing its job and deliver good- quality pictures and videos.

iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6S is the newer version of the iPhone 6 released last year. It is equipped with a better camera than its predecessor, that is why we chose this model to compare to the Oppo Find 7. The iPhone 6S is equipped with a 12 MP, 4032 x 3024 pixels resolution iSight camera. This comes with phase detection autofocus and dual LED flash. The iPhone 6S also has a 5 MP secondary camera which also promises to take great pictures. The iPhone 6S continues in the footsteps of its predecessors and ensure an accurate color range, good low- light performance and quick and accurate focus.

The 12 MP camera is able to take decent pictures but it’s not exactly impressive. Although the pixel number was increased, this is about all that the iPhone 6S’ camera brings new in comparison with the pictures taken with the 8 MP camera of the iPhone 6. The photos taken with the iPhone 6S can be enhanced thanks to the Live Photos feature the iPhone 6S comes with. This particular feature transform your pictures into little videos actually. It takes a 1.5 second picture both before and after the snap, so the result is a mini- video with audio and all. It is a nice feature, but we don’t know whether it will be used that much. Specially because the resulted images take up a lot of internal storage space.

iphone 6s picture iphone 6s picture 2 iphone 6s picture 3

Low- light image taken with iPhone 6S
Low- light image taken with iPhone 6S

The selfie camera of the iPhone 6S was also improved. The 5 MP camera replaces a 1.2 MP selfie camera that the previous versions featured. It now has a flash, so the quality of the selfies taken will be visibly better. What is different this time around is that the secondary camera has all the options the back camera offers. Now, the selfie camera also offers HDR mode, filters, timer and flash which will all lead to great selfie photos.

The iPhone 6S’s camera is actually taking 8 MP pictures of every single frame instead of capturing just the differences between them, so Apple approached 4K video shooting from another angle. The result should be reflected by the better quality of the video. Another result of this new way of capturing videos is the size of them, which will be pretty considerable. If you own a 16 GB version, you won’t be able to record that mush video before it takes up all your internal storage. Although when it comes to taking pictures, the camera of the iPhone 6S doesn’t impress us that much, when it comes to videos it seems that this little camera is able to shoot better video than a Nikon DSLR. What made the iPhone 6S deliver better footage was its color range and accuracy, contrast, detail and bitrate. This is pretty amazing considering the fact that a smartphone camera managed to surpass a semi- professional DSLR.


So, the camera of the iPhone 6S was improved in comparison with the previous models both in pictures and in video mode. The 4K video is an absolute novelty for iPhone and is welcome.

Which one would better work for you?

There isn’t a great difference between last year’s Oppo Find 7 camera and this year’s iPhone 6S one. I would say that the pictures taken with the Oppo Find 7 look better and offer more detail. Of course, the difference between the images taken with the Oppo Find 7 and the iPhone 6S is not that big. They both take more than decent pictures. Maybe the low light or no light conditions in the Oppo Find 7 pictures are better, but then again, the iPhone 6S offers its Live Photos feature that can be appealing to a lot of people. It is something new after all. When it comes to videos, the iPhone 6S camera seems to be the winner. If a camera on a smartphone can out-win a DSLR device, that is something to consider. Although they both offer 4K video, the iPhone 6S’ just seems better to me.  What do you think about the two cameras? Which one do you like better?


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