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Forget about likes, this latest Facebook bug shows your true ‘worth’.

Oh how much I remember the good old days of having to beg for likes to prove my self-worth and show everybody else that, indeed, the things I wrote were really funny and witty. Well not anymore, the latest Facebook bug turned it all to a more YouTube based system, I.E you can see each and every view your post has. This will show everybody else how popular you really are (take that Jessica!).

In a more serious tone, this bug seems to only affect the mobile users and it hasn’t reached the PC devices and at the same time, it seems to only affect a small percentage of its mobile users. So don’t fret in case your device is working as intended, you just weren’t ‘lucky’ enough to take part in this elite group (you know, like in high school). Facebook guarantees their users that this is not intended as a new feature and, since they’re working so hard to rid us of this cursed bug, I doubt it is some sort of beta testing thing, but who knows? Most don’t seem to mind this tiny mistake on Facebook’s behalf and even enjoy it to some extent by the fact that the views point out the priorities people have in life. I mean, a funny cat post brings in more views than a post about saving children in need. (Yay, society!)

I think the beautiful part about this, like many other pointed out, is that it shows a glimpse of Facebook’s mysterious algorithms and presents us with a sneak peek behind their curtains. It’s also amusing to see big companies doing a “whoopsie!” and I doubt this will impact anything by the end of the day. Facebook might have even fixed this bug by the time this post gets published.


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