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Xiaomi new revolutionary mini scooter and TV

Xiaomi is expanding its business by launching a new scooter called the Ninebot Mini. Xiaomi is a Chinese company that made its name as a smartphone manufacturer. To create the mini scooter Xiaomi has collaborated with Ninebot a Chinese robotic transportation firm. Ninebot bought Segway last April for an undisclosed amount of money.

The scooter is the first product that Xiaomi launched after Segway was bought by Ninebot. The Ninebot is self-balancing and does not have a handle. The scooter is smaller compared to a normal Segway but Xiaomi promises it can pack the same punch. Since it does not have a handle the scooter can be steered using your legs to put pressure on the little leg braces that protrudes from it. Xiaomi also said that the scooter can turn in place.

The scooter is currently priced at 1999 yuan or $315 and it has a battery that promises to keep the scooter running for up to 22 km, it can also move at speeds of up to 16 km/h at a 15 degree incline. It weighs only 12 kg and promises to fit into the trunk of your car. The scooter comes with a mobile app that lets you see a speedometer, preferences, traffic data, fault detection and what upgrades are available.

Along the mini scooter Xiaomi also announced the release of a new television set called the Mi TV 3.The new TV reportedly has a 60 inch or 152 cm wide screen that can display images in 4k, running on a custom Android OS. The most interesting aspect about the Mi TV 3 is its mainboard that can be connected to the TV through just one cable. The mainboard itself can be connected to any display with the MiPort cable. The television has a price tag of 4999 yuan or $718.

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