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Golden Apple- A Tribute to Apple Macintosh

Love Hultén, a Swedish designer and craftsman reinvented the Apple Macintosh 128K. The original Apple Macintosh was rather ugly, let’s face it. It was dull, blocky and it was made of a beige plastic. It wasn’t exactly eye- catching, at least not in the good meaning of the word. The Golden Apple on the other hand is a beauty. It really is a tribute to the original Apple Macintosh. The 1984 Apple Macintosh, let’s be honest, despite being ugly was one of the first PCs, and changed how we see life today.

The original 1984 Apple Macintosh
The original 1984 Apple Macintosh

The aforementioned Swedish designer chose materials that are quite unusual for a desktop PC. Or any other PC for that matter. Love Hultén built its version of Apple Macintosh from wood and gold. To be even more specific, the body and peripherals bases are made of American walnut. The gold enters the equation as the material that the keyboard is made of. The result is quite impressive. We wouldn’t have thought that an Apple Macintosh can actually look good. But the new materials really managed to redraw the image of the Apple Macintosh. The wood and gold combination gives the Golden Apple a look that is hard to forget. Many people’s first ever desktop just got new clothes that brought its glory back.

The Golden Apple

The Golden Apple Macintosh is not only good looking, it is also functional. The designer didn’t use the original Apple Macintosh’s guts. Instead he replaced them with the hardware of a Mac Mini. The floppy disk drive was also replaced by a DVD drive, and the mouse became wireless. This would have been a great surprise back in 1984 when the original Apple Macintosh appeared. Since Hultén kept the exact same physical dimensions of the original Apple Macintosh, the Golden Apple is a true replica of this PC.

The wooden body was given a great amount of attention. The designer even thought of carving the series of vents on the sides and the top of the Golden Apple, exactly as they were featured by the original Apple Macintosh.  The result is magnificent and a great reminder of where personal computers started from. We hope to see many more replicas of this kind in the future.



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