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Gear S2 Experience App Offers a Virtual Try- On

Samsung shows that it cares about its customers by trying to enhance their experience in every way they can. In order to achieve this, Samsung sometimes release apps that are meant to enable users to experience and learn about new devices indirectly before the purchase. Samsung has done this with the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy S6 and now they do it with the Gear S2 Experience App. This intuitive experience application that you can download from Google Play was created for users to discover the new design and key features of the Gear S2 smartwatch.

The Gear S2 Experience App is available in three different languages: English, Chinese and Korean. This way it reaches out to a larger group of potential customers. All of these users can find out through the Gear S2 Experience App what the Gear S2 is really like. Since trying on smartwatches is not always possible in stores, this Gear S2 Experience App might just be the next best thing. Although the Gear S2 Experience App can’t offer you the physical feel of the wearable, it will at least create a hands- on feel regarding its features and functions.

gear s2 experience app

Instead of giving the actual steel on skin feeling, the Gear S2 Experience App will offer potential customers a detailed presentation of the smartwatch. This includes the possibility of analyzing the Gear S2 in 360 mode. Although users won’t be able to decide whether the gadget is comfortable or not, they will still gather enough information to know if they like it or not. And they probably will like it. They can even picture how it will look on their wrist thanks to the Try On feature.

The intuitive experience feature of the Gear S2 Experience App allows users to try out the Gear S2’s rotating bezel. The app offers a simulator that will show users exactly how the bezel works and behaves. This way users will get a pretty clear picture of one the Gear S2’s greatest features.The Gear S2 Experience App also offers a sneak peek into the health features that the Gear S2 provides. The Gear S2 Experience App basically shows how health-related features are integrated into the device. Practically, the Gear S2 Experience App lets users take a look at every single feature that the smartwatch delivers. They can check notifications, Samsung Pay, connectivity and a lot more. There aren’t many features that users can’t become accustomed with only through the Gear S2 Experience App. Gear S2 Experience App 2

Samsung’s Gear S2 Experience App really can create the feeling of having your hands on the actual device. This app can save you the trouble of going to the nearest store and check out the Gear S2. On the other hand, when analyzing a device in a store users don’t have as much time to check out every feature as they have now with the Gear S2 Experience App. You can take your time to get familiarized with the device before you buy it. And you can do this without a shop assistant or other constantly watching you. Of course, if you decide to purchase the Gear S2, it probably would be a good idea to actually try it on in the store, to see if it is comfortable to wear. For any other characteristics of the smartwatch you have the Gear S2 Experience App. it gives you every data you need in order to take an informed decision on whether you should buy it or not. Even if you don’t intend to purchase the device, you can still try out the Gear S2 Experience App, just for fun.

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