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Q18 Smartwatch Phone for only $26.49 on Gearbest

Products on Gearbest have terrific prices. It’s the same with the 1.54 inch Q18 Smartwatch Phone. This gadget is now available for the mesmerizing $26.49 price. Given the original $69.17 price, customers have a bargain on their hands. All they have to do in order to get the Q18 Smartwatch Phone is to order it from Gearbest. Shipping is included in the price and the product will ship in 3 to 5 business days.But let’s take a look at what customers will get for their $26.49.

The Q18 Smartwatch Phone is eye- catching and practical at the same time. Its 1.54 inch rectangular high definition touchscreen has a 240 x 240 resolution and delivers great image quality. It also supports handwriting, which is quite uncommon in smartwatches. The touch sensitive feature makes the touch experience smoother and more pleasant. The white, silver or gray straps are both comfortable and fashionable, so the Q18 Smartwatch phone is not only a great fitness device, but also a fashion accessory.Q18 smartwatch phone

What is truly great about the Q18 Smartwatch Phone is that it supports SIM card, so users don’t have to connect it to a smartphone. They can use the Q18 Smartwatch Phone for dialing their friends’ numbers, text messaging and call answering right from their wrists. Of course, like any other smartwatch on the market at the moment, the Q18 Smartwatch Phone can also be connected to any Android mobile device. By connecting the Q18 Smartwatch Phone users will be able to remotely control their smartphone’s features, like camera, social networks and call record. The Q18 Smartwatch Phone will notify users when their have an incoming call or a text message was received.q18 smartwatch phone 2

The Q18 Smartwatch Phone doesn’t only have Bluetooth connectivity, it also offers NFC connection for fast data transmission between the smartwatch and other devices that support NFC. By synchronizing information with a smartphone, the Q18 Smartwatch Phone will gain access to the phone book, call logs, messaging and music.  Speaking of music, the Q18 Smartwatch Phone comes with a speaker that offers a clear sound quality, this way users will be able to enjoy their favorite jam. The high quality speaker is not the only great feature of the Q18 Smartwatch Phone. It can also record  with clear Wav format and noise reduction processing. The Q18 Smartwatch Phone also supports FM radio, to fill your days with music. The features of the Q18 Smartwatch Phone don’t end here. It also has 0.3 MP camera on the dial. This way users will be able to take pictures without having to use their smartphones. If they do prefer to use the better camera of the smartphone, they can remotely control it with the Q18 Smartwatch Phone. Users will be able to use the smartwatch for recording videos also, not only for taking pictures.

The Q18 Smartwatch Phone includes 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB internal storage. Thankfully, the storage of the Q18 Smartwatch Phone is extendable by up to 32 GB due to the TF card slot it is equipped with.  This way users will be able to take their music and pictures with them on their wrists. Another impressive feature of the Q18 Smartwatch Phone is its 500 mAh battery. This is again quite uncommon for smartwatches and it should be able to ensure a more than decent battery life.

All in all, the Q18 Smartwatch Phone is a great device to own. It has impressive features, it is appealing and it is on sale for a great price. If you order it from Gearbest, the Q18 Smartwatch Phone will be yours for $26.49, instead of its original $69.17 price tag. It is a bargain, so don’t waste any more time.

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