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Youtube Red- Google’s Subscription Video Service

Youtube finally launched its much awaited Youtube Red subscription video service. here were a lot of rumors circulating about it lately and starting October 28 it will be available in the US.  The Youtube Red will roll out globally at a later date. Youtube revealed its subscription service at a Los Angeles event on October 21. The subscription will cost $9.99 per month. Those who use iOS devices will be charged a little more, $12.99, due to Apple’s in-app purchase tax. For $9.99 subscribers will get an ad- free experience.

Youtube Red will not only deliver everything available on Youtube without ads, it will also include the former Youtube Music Key feature. This is now called Youtube Music and will have its own dedicated app. In the $9.99 user will also get a  full subscription to Google Play Music. The Youtube Music offer with Youtube Red was created for playing music fast and its interface makes it easy for users to quickly find what they would like to listen to. Youtube Red subscribers will be able to choose whether they would only like to listen to a jam or watch the video also. The music offered to Youtube Red subscribers is not limited to official videos. It also includes live music, remixes and other content that was created by Youtube users. In order for Youtube Red subscribers to easily gain access to the desired content they can adjust the filter of the Youtube Music app exactly as they want to. This can be achieved with the help of a slider in the app.

But Youtube Red is not only offering its subscribers music. The Youtube Red also works with Youtube Gaming Service and the Kids section of Google’s recently launched Youtube app. Alongside all of the aforementioned, Youtube Red subscribers will also gain access to a big variety of Youtube Red original content.

This way Youtube Red subscribers will be able to watch a great number of videos, listen to music and enjoy a series of Google apps’ content. They get all this ad- free so user experience will be a lot improved. Although there is still a huge amount of content available on the Web free, the ad- free version of them might just be worth paying a monthly $9.99 fee.


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